Aria Stewart (aredridel) wrote,
Aria Stewart

Ruby's binding to Redland is maddeningly hopeless, but I did get this out of it with a SPARQL query...

aredridel@mizar:~$ ruby rdfq.rb file://$(pwd)/dc.rdf
Function rasqal_query_get_source_sequence is deprecated - use rasqal_query_get_data_graph_sequenceCalling deprecated rasqal_triples_source factory method new_triples_match (will go in rasqal 0.9.10+) {"title"=>#<SWIG::TYPE_p_librdf_node:0x40078cb4>, "x"=>#<SWIG::TYPE_p_librdf_node:0x40078d04>}

Let's just leave it that I have major issues with SWIG.


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