Aria Stewart (aredridel) wrote,
Aria Stewart

I hiked to Blaine Basin with mom and dad. It was absolutely gorgeous. It’s springtime there in every possible way. We had the obligatory snowball fight. Mom is a sharpshooter. It’s about six miles round trip, and I’m out of shape so I’m tired. My feet hurt, too. I should really get some hiking boots at some point, but I don’t really want to spend $150 on shoes, when my everyday ones manage to show up at the thrift shop for $10.

Mom brought tabouleh, and it was salty enough for hungry hikers. Yum.

There was a beautiful waterfall, and lots of wildflowers, though most of them won’t bloom until July. There was an orchid-like thing that we’d never seen before, with fuscia petals and that really looked like it enjoyed the water.

Oddly enough, the bugs ate dad more than mom and I. He must be drinking less maté these days. It wasn’t bad, though. Just a few mosquitoes in Willow Swamp.

Now I’m arguing web design theory with FoolsRun and Polyergic. It’s good. We all want the impossible to various degrees.We never do get to the juicy stuff that I like, though, and that’s computer-aid processing. Things like auto-summary, header collection, and all the new things that would happen if all text were proper, clean, XHTML.


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