Aria Stewart (aredridel) wrote,
Aria Stewart

That was fun.

I just got back from a gallery opening, the Cimarron Art Glass company. I’ve been watching them get ready now for two months, and today they threw a good party and open house. Monroe is damn good with glass: his demo was making a blown rondelle, and the final stroke was to take the spherical vase shape, heat it up to glowing red at the top half, and then give it a quick spin facing the audience, who were rewarded by its opening up like a stop-motion film of a rose blooming.

The caterers were superb — I am entirely too full of cheese, including the brown Norse cheese that I can never remember the name of that I love.

I missed Frisbee to go, though, and I feel bad about that: Mary’s really been wanting to get a game on, and there haven’t been enough people.

Shelley was there, too, and she told me that two of Carrie’s necklaces have sold. Hooray!

Now off to work on projects.


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