Aria Stewart (aredridel) wrote,
Aria Stewart

July 4.

I think we have a new tradition starting. The 4th of July in Ouray is usually a great thing -- fireworks in a canyon give the best echo, and it's a whole sound thing that's really amazing. I love fireworks, no matter what they're celebrating.

This year, though, instead of spending time in the traffic and noise of a tourist town full to capacity, we hiked up Horsethief Trail in the late afternoon, catching some pretty photos in the evening light, and got up to a spot overlooking Ouray at about 10,000 feet (3,000 feet or so above the town) and ate dinner while the sun set. We got to see Ouray's flare parade and then fireworks, and flashes over the mountain of Silverton and Telluride's shows.

We hiked down in the dark afterward. The moon wasn't out, but the stars were bright, and with a couple head-lamps, it wasn't a bad walk. I was surprised to not see any wildlife at that time of night, but c'est la vie.

I'm still a little tired ... I don't know if I slept well or not, but it wasn't enough, I guess. Totally worth it.

I'm kinda sad I missed the water fights this year, but without Ruth standing next to me hollering, or better, in it ... dunno. Looks like a good fight this year though.


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