August 17th, 2004



Some things that the GNOME session manager should make easy:

  • Manage starting x11vnc for me
  • Keep gossip running.
  • Respawn a crashed application if okayed by the user, and automatically (perhaps with delay) if the app should auto-respawn.
  • Allow me to gracefully log out, and return as I left my desktop as much as possible.
  • Allow me to log in with a clean state.

(no subject)

Talked to Jessica. I even used the real phone. That was nice.

I don’t think I’d do particularly well as a teacher in her place. I have a low tolerance for intellectual sloth. Sounds like she’s doing well, which makes me happy.

I’m trying to start work on a webmail system that doesn’t suck. I’ve had a lot of ideas for what it should and shouldn’t do, and it’s time to put my code where my mouth is.

As a nice confirmation of some of my ideas, I got to see some in practice, since FoolsRun managed to get me a GMail account.


Fight back against ads online.

Advertising on the internet is paid for per click. When you click an ad, the advertiser pays (often indirectly) the site the ad was on some amount of money. For a lot of Google ads, that’s 50¢ or more. I’ve seen some ads go for as much as $2.

So, if you’re reading something respectable, and see a worthless ad, click it. Cost the advertiser a half coin or so, and make a donation to a site you like to read in the process, all at no cost to you.