August 24th, 2010



Mexican-style ceviche

Two fillets of tilapia, cut into 1 cm cubes.

50 ml lime juice

50 ml lemon juice

50 ml rice vinegar

One roasted fresno pepper or ripe jalapeño pepper, chopped finely.

50 g of finely chopped onion.

2 g salt

Let the fish marinate in the rest of the ingredients. Serve and enjoy

Dill trout ceviche

Three tiny or two small trout fillets, cut into small pieces

50 g finely chopped onion

50 ml lemon juice

50 ml balsamic vinegar

5g dill seeds

5g dill weed, cut

2g salt

Marinate the fish in the rest, serve and enjoy.

Banana and gjetost quesadilla

You have no idea how weird my diet is until you see me eat something like this.

Fry one sliced banana in coconut oil until browned and soft.

Put several strips of gjetost cheese on a tortilla, and melt. Let the tortilla crisp slightly.

Add the bananas and try not to moan in ecstasy while eating.