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Mousehole ideas

MouseHole is a personal web proxy written in Ruby. Some ideas for scripts I had were:

  • Semantic Web interpreter and cataloguing agent
  • Del.icio.us integration, adding bookmark toolbar to pages.
  • Language-learning aids, á la Mauricio's scripts.
  • Intercepting music streams and ripping them as they're played.
  • Auto-downloading music and storing it catalogued by ID3 data

I wish that mouseHole scripts could intercept by MIME type rather than by URL. That'd be awesome.



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Feb. 1st, 2007 05:34 pm (UTC)
I can see you will lead me further down the path of geekness.


Feb. 1st, 2007 06:37 pm (UTC)
Indeed. I am a geek through and through. I really enjoy being one, and I actively create stuff, not just geek out about it.
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