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my crystal ball unfortunately has snot all over it right now

PGCluster isn't dead, just quiet (I suspect that when you're Japanese, and your audience is often not, code speaks better than your English). 1.7.0rc is out for PostgreSQL 8.2.x.

Headline wrangler arrested for violating the direct object restriction. A slightly tongue-in-cheek commentary on a slightly unusual chunk of English gramatical analysis. And no negative mentions of Strunk and White, either!

To make a blank git tree, with no initial files committed (Possibly a bad idea since the original changeset ID will be the same no matter what project you're working on), git init-db; git commit-tree `git write-tree` < /dev/null. Nuts.

Oracle Cluster Filesystem 2 is really excellent. Good, solid code, and not terribly hard to set up. Very impressive.

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