Aria Stewart (aredridel) wrote,
Aria Stewart

Ripple Effect

It's really interesting to watch the news media pick up a story from beginning to end. A friend of mine has been working on voting machine security, and his group just released their report yesterday. I found a summary on the California Secretary of State's site first, just before a press conference was called. From there, I saw it on Slashdot's article which links to the SF Gate. A few minutes ago, it started hitting the progresive political mailing lists, Truthout first among them. It's interesting to see how fresh each source of news is, and how they all follow each other.

I watched a similar thing with comment by the Mozilla Corporation CEO, saying they should probably focus on Firefox and jettison Thunderbird. News sources quoted accurately at first, but the second generation quotes quote it more like it's a final plan, not just a comment made. It feels a bit like a game of telephone.

Tags: media, social propagation, voting

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