Aria Stewart (aredridel) wrote,
Aria Stewart

Happy pi day!

I made blueberry-strawberry pie today in honor of pi day. Tastiest sacraments ever.

I used empanada dough instead of pie dough, and I like it a lot better. It's easier to work with, too, since you can re-roll it and it won't get tough. It's fine-textured, and flakey in a different way than pie dough. I like the way it flakes better too.

A recipe — filling:

1/4 C flour, 1/2 C sugar, 3-4 cups mixed berries, half a lemon's juice. Stir until it's a slightly mushy consistency. Kinda like oatmeal, only awesome instead of gross.

Dough (translated from Spanish):

1 cup flour, 1 stick butter (cut in pieces), a quarter teaspoon of salt, blended well. Add a third of a cup of boiling water and mix until it forms a smooth, elastic dough.

Roll like pie dough, but without the fuss and hands-off approach. Just go for it, the dough won't even stick to much thanks to the butter melted through it. Bake at 350°F until the crust starts to crisp.

Pie. Really good pie with blueberries and strawberries in it.


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