Aria Stewart (aredridel) wrote,
Aria Stewart

Tomato-tahini pizza sauce

This rocked on a red-pepper-and-onion pizza last night.

Fry a half dozen cloves of garlic, chopped fine, in some oil or fat.

add a can of tomato paste, and let it caramelize around the edges, stirring occasionally over a couple minutes.

Add a a cup and a half of chicken or turkey stock, preferably the gelatinous kind.

Add two or three tablespoons of tahini

Add some balsamic vinegar and salt to taste.

Add some hot red pepper paste, or a little red pepper powder. (I used both, and the pepper powder was habanero. Hot and delicious.)

Let it cook down until thick. With my turkey stock, that doesn't take long.

Makes a fantastic pizza.

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