Aria Stewart (aredridel) wrote,
Aria Stewart

Thai Pizza

For the sauce:

* One underripe mango, coarsely diced (though ripe would work fine too, just be a lot sweeter)
* One quarter of an onion, chopped fine.
* Half a cup of chopped cilantro
* Two red ripe hot peppers, chopped fine and discarding the seeds (I used my favorite, fresno peppers, which are about the size of a jalapeño, but one could adjust all the way from a little bit of red bell to habanero peppers)
* A dash of fish sauce
* A few kaffir lime leaves, I used a pinch of the pickled canned and shredded ones

Sautee the onion, then add the peppers, then cilantro, lime leaves and mango. Add the dash of fish sauce, and cook until dry.

On top of the pizza, I put onion, mushroom, chicken marinated in soy sauce and ginger, and chunks of red bell pepper. Top with mozzarella, bake at 550ºF until the cheese and crust are crisp.

I used an extra-high-protein flour, super high in gluten and stretched super thin (so much gluten that you can't actually ROLL the dough.) It was awesome.

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