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Make the filling first. The cake has to be hot to roll around it.


Blend 2 bananas, a can of coconut milk, 3 eggs, a little cinnamon and coriander.

Bake at 350 until set.


Drop oven to 325.

Separate five eggs. Beat the whites into stiff peaks.

Blend three bananas, 2 tbsp coconut flour, 2 tbsp almond meal and the egg yolks until smooth.

Add 3/4 cup unsweetened coconut shred.

Fold the two parts together gently, trying not to destroy the loft of the egg whites

Pour onto a parchment lined sheet pan.

Bake until golden and egg has set.

Pull it out of the oven and immediately spread the custard over the surface, then roll the cake end over end. Put it seam side down on a tray. The cake will stay moist without any trouble or wrapping.


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