Aria Stewart (aredridel) wrote,
Aria Stewart

I went to Sandy’s for breakfast, and had an egg and biscuit with coffee. I love simple things, you know? The best part, however, was running into the crew from SYC that I played frisbee with, and I sat with them.

Picture a blonde-haired, dread-headed but clean-cut Jake Matilsky. That would be Andrew, right down to looking at the food left by another patron when they left, and commenting on how he aught to just take it and eat that instead.

Now it’s rainy, about fifty degrees, and at least ten degrees wind-chill. It feels positively Olympic here, and that’s welcome by me. The garden (what survived the frost, which was most of it) is doing well and could use the moisture.

Hopefully, I can make today a productive coding day. I think the temperature and ambiance can’t do anything but help.


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