Aria Stewart (aredridel) wrote,
Aria Stewart

So I ended up having a Funky day.

I got up at 9, and decided to have coffee before breakfast, just in case Ethan and Eric were out for their usual Sunday morning. They were — and this turned rapidly into a two hour chat about everything from politics to the molecular got structure of microwaved food. Then came the invitation to go hiking, so we skipped by the farmers market, where the peppers are finally in — I finally got my favorites, the hungarian paprikas. Then we went to Ouray, Ethan showed me his studio/lab, as well as the guts to Audiorack, his station-automation software that he’s mixed together. Pretty nice user interface for Real Basic!

Afterward, we hiked Bear Creek Trail, then hung out for a bit, then went to the Buen Tiempo and had a couple pints of 1554, then came back (a bit too tipsy for my taste) and hung out at Eric’s, then ate curried cous-cous with roasted peppers. I’m home now, twelve hours after I left. I love unplanned days like this.

In other news, my phone hasn’t rung recently. That means my day off really is.


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