Aria Stewart (aredridel) wrote,
Aria Stewart

The culinary delights for this evening include a quesadilla made with Jack cheese, a roasted Boldog paprika, and a roasted Anaheim chile; a Colorado peach; and anise-spiced eggplant.

Our first choir practice was tonight. We’re singing fairly English christmas music, but we’ve got some of my favorites, like the Glaucestershire Wassail Song, and we’re singing Personent Hodie, though not an edition I care for particularly much. Alita, the conductor, needs to chill out a bit — she is rather high-strung this time around, and spends more time explaining things than we do doing them. She’s always done this somewhat, but the beginning of the year is always worst.

And now, off to more delightful conversations in #RDFIG and #NBTSC.


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