Aria Stewart (aredridel) wrote,
Aria Stewart

I had the morning from hell, just running behind. There was a technology advisory meeting at the school which ran over by an hour. I got up just in time to leave the house, so I hustled up there and did that. It was interesting, but the usual school-headed bureaucracy. I think they may skip buying expensive desks to put desktop computers on and put the $200 or so per station into just buying laptops. And just put 802.11 ethernet in every classroom.

I only butted heads with the network manager once, too. I was impressed. It doesn’t look good to do that in front of the superintendent.

I ran down to Fishbone, and helped them get their T-shirt screen film printer back online. I think their new switch might be a bum one.

Off to lunch after that. I brought Chris at the Shining Mountain Café some tea to try (he really liked the pu-ergh I brought him), and he wouldn’t let me pay.

Work was intense, Marc Gordon needed his machine fixed, that’s always a lot of time since he Talks So Damn Much.

I finished fixing Tessa’s machine, software-wise, so it’s time to re-assemble it and make sure the keyboard gets firmly attached again (it’s amazing what one loose screw does to one’s typing accuracy...). I left the office at ten-thirty, and then realized that where I was going to get dinner was closed already. Guess the universe wants my pocketbook to stay fat today.


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