Aria Stewart (aredridel) wrote,
Aria Stewart

MS SQL vs PostgreSQL Round 1

Time to install server and all updates: MSSQL, 4 hours. PostgreSQL, 10 minutes.

Time to create first database: MSSQL, 10 minutes, PostgreSQL, 10 seconds.

Time to connect to first database: MSSQL, 1 hour, PostgreSQL, 10 seconds.

Time spent adjusting firewall rules: MSSQL, 30 minutes. PostgreSQL, 5 minutes.

Time spent figuring out how to read the middle part of a merged field separated with a delimiter: MSSQL, 4 hours. PostgreSQL, 1 minute.

Time to restart service after configuration changes: MSSQL, 1 minute, PostgreSQL, 1 second.

Ease of finding documentation: MSSQL, as terrible as trying to read a book online without hyperlinks, PostgreSQL, well-made online documentation with an interactive updates section.

Score: MSSQL, 0, PostgreSQL, 7. Looks like a win for open source.


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