Aria Stewart (aredridel) wrote,
Aria Stewart


So the server goes down. Nobody is reachable. CISP, with its 24/7 tech support, only has level 1 techs on until 0800EST. Netrack, with its 24/7 support, has managed to make the priority voice mailboxes dissapear completely, so good luck getting them until ... god, Monday? I’ll be calling people’s private home numbers long before that, if I can find them.

All this happens while I am copying files to another machine so I have a hot backup in case this happens. I hadn’t been keeping it up because it’s resource-intense to keep everything in synch. And now it goes down while I am setting it up again.

Going to bed. I hope that tech calls me promptly at 6, because I want to have this taken care of in time to go pick up Carrie at 9.


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