Aria Stewart (aredridel) wrote,
Aria Stewart

I wished I’d a digital camera yesterday. The weather flipped back and forth so fast, and every change was beautiful. I woke up to heavy, black clouds hanging lower than the tops of the mountains. If I’d been a giant, I could have plucked them from the sky and eaten them like licorice cotton candy. Then, the sun came out, and the day was like May: birds calling, things coming up and beginning to bloom. The tree outside my office hasn’t leafed yet, but it looks like it wants to. A few minutes later, the temperature dropped, probably forty degrees. Snow swirled around the courtyard as I worked, big heavy, complicated flakes in complicated patterns. Not ten minutes later, I had a warm walk to the store to get lunch. Yesterday evening, it was dry, then rained while I went to pick up things from a customer, and dry while I carried them to the office. I got back to the house (Ruth’s house), and the sky went white, with wind blowing the snow horizontal. By the time I walked home again, it was warm again.


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