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Gnome 2.10

Gnome 2.10 is pretty spiffy. The Panel is finally getting some needed TLC, though it's still far from being a Dock. There's a checkbox for "lock to panel" now, instead of the cumbersome lock and unlock menu entries for applets. There's still no usable session manager interface, though, so that's one thing that hurts badly.


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Apr. 4th, 2005 07:53 am (UTC)
Re: Gnome 2.10
I like the new "sharing" interface that lets you edit SMB and NFS shares in a friendly app instead of editing files (not that I mind editing files, an average user might). I also love the new "CPU freq" applet (looks way better) and the option of showing estimated battery life in minutes instead of a graphical bar - both are quite useful on my laptop. Other than that - Nautilus is faster (and finally memorized that I prefer file browser view over spatial mode), new Totem media player plain rocks (and more or less replaced mplayer for me), Evolution 2.2 finally has plugin support and so on ;].

-- Patrys
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