Aria Stewart (aredridel) wrote,
Aria Stewart

This is why I hang out with geeks on IRC.

[23:53:16] Colossus says “OK and Cancel are just so ... ambiguous.”
[23:53:38] Vruba says “Colossus: you might like Apple’s HIGs.”
[23:53:41] Aredridel says “Not really. Cancel’s a pretty obvious “abort!”, which covers “none of the above” nicely.”
[23:53:48] Aredridel says “And yeah, buttons are Apple’s HIG style.”
[23:53:52] Aredridel says “GNOME’s HIG says radio buttons.”
[23:54:05] Colossus says “HIG?”
[23:54:10] Aredridel says “Human interface guidelines.”
[23:54:11] Vruba says “(I want [mu] [.].)”
[23:54:27] Aredridel says “(hah. You need a “flakey buddhist” l10n.)”
[23:54:35] Vruba says “(Totally. In fact....)”


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