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Aria Stewart's Journal

Now in glorious shades of gray

Aria Stewart
4 October 1981
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I'm Aria. This journal is mostly friends-only. Geeky rambles escape to the general populace, but I like using Live Journal as a medium to talk to friends first and foremost.

This is a tiny manifesto. We should as a society look to our future and concentrate on making it sustainable. Life in itself is not sacred, but the experience of quality life is. Creativity, art, expression, diversity (where diversity is as many different paths as will not destroy the paths of others) are to be admired.

I believe that the world is a small place if you don't isolate yourself, but I believe that wonders never cease. I believe that each person is good if you let them be, and people will go along with the crowd when it's the easiest thing to do. I don't believe in boredom.

Unicode is . Removing barriers to understanding and getting to know people of another culture is the first key to peace, love and understanding.

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